Flexsure Body Booster

Flexsure is a body treatment that is designed to help obtain a contoured body shape in all the
“hard to treat” areas! These results are obtained by using a wrappable adhesive applicator that
conforms to each individuals unique body type. The Flexsure applicator will then use a combination of
radio frequency and heat to penetrate to the deep tissue and destroy fat cells, all while tightening and
contouring the skin.

To obtain the desired results, a minimum of 3 treatments is recommended. Treatment packages
are discussed between the provider and client to tailor it to the individuals personal end goals. Each
session of Flexsure will take about 15 minutes. During these sessions the client will feel the body wrap
fluctuate in heat; this is called smart technology. Smart technology can regulate the body temperature
and will moderate what is too much or too little heat for the body. The client is recommended to get the
treatment in the desired area every two weeks. It is important that after the treatment the client
continues physical activity and stay hydrated to help the body drain itself out.

The FlexSure treatment is considered a “lunch time treatment” because it only takes a
convenient 15 minutes and there is no downtime; meaning the client is able to go back to their normal
lifestyle directly after. Effortlessly sculpt your body to what you desire with organic skin and body
medical spas Flexsure.