Non-Surgical Facelift: Does it exist?

Botox, fillers, laser therapies… all used as a preventive matter for early signs of aging. Whether
the targeted area is forehead lines, thin skin, smile or frown lines, or dimples there are a multitude of
treatments to help prevent or even rid of these. So what makes a radio frequency treatment desirable?

Radio frequency, in reaction with the skin creates a form of heat, these two sources in
combination together naturally stimulate the skins collagen production. This fills in fine lines and helps
instantly plump up and tighten the epidermis while contouring it, which leaves it with a younger looking
glow. Although some instant results are often seen after the first treatment, collagen takes 4 weeks to 6
months to produce. This means you will continue to see results gradually for up to 6 months after the

The “TempSure Envi” also known and the “Non-Surgical Facelift” treatment, utilizes this radio
frequency and heat combination and creates a pain free process. It is often described as simulating a
gentle hot stone massage experience! Depending on the area being treated this procedure can last from
15-60 minutes with no downtime, allowing you to go back to your regular lifestyle! Unlike most lasers,
this device can be used on any skin type, all through the year, making everyone a good TempSure

The average client will typically be recommended a package of four treatments, receiving one
treatment every two weeks minimum. After this series, we re-evaluate the clients skin to determine if
they will need more treatments according to their personal skin goals. After their targeted goal is
reached we suggest the client to continue to receive the radio frequency and heat treatment once or
twice a year to maintain the results. This is because our body continuously breaks down collagen the
more we age so to help prevent this, keeping up with these collagen and elastin building treatments is of
the upmost importance!