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Organic body treatments are day spa sessions that detoxify, smooth, refresh, and rejuvenate your body. Feel the stresses and impurities fade away as you revitalize from our relaxing body treatments. Organic body wraps remove toxins from your body and replace nutrients that you have lost over time, naturally yielding beautiful, silky-smooth skin. Organic scrubs help detoxify as well by massaging herbal blends on your skin, leaving it smoother than ever. We only use natural, organic body treatment products for our sessions ensuring natural, healthy results.

Organic Skin & Body Day Spa offers organic body wraps and body scrubs for Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch. View our available body treatments below to find the type that is fits your needs. Call us today and make an appointment for the ultimate pampering experience!

Organic Back Facial

This spicy treatment uses spices blended with delicious fruits and herbs to detoxify and smooth every inch of the back area. A massage with extracts from the stone crop plant boosts hydration, and the healing benefits of which will leave the skin silky and naturally beautiful – $69

Organic Sugar Body Scrub 

Derived from all Organic botanicals, Éminence Sugar Scrubs are infused with nature’s own Alpha-Hydroxy Acids which provide a deep and natural exfoliation to assist your body in the removal of old dead skin cells bringing clarity back into your silky new skin – $99

Apricot Scrub – Healing and Refining
Blueberry Soy Scrub – Antioxidant Rich and Nourishing
Coconut Scrub – Ultra Refining and Hydrating
Cranberry Pomegranate Scrub – Vitamin Rich and Hydrating
Cucumber Mint – Refining and Invigorating
Mimosa Scrub – Antioxidant Rich
Pear & Green Apple Scrub – Vitamin Rich

Organic Body Wrap

Detox and revitalize your skin and body. Using their finest natural ingredients, Éminence Body Wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Once in the wrap, your body’s metabolic rate will increase to induce slimming and detoxification. Your pores will open allowing anti-cellulite agents to be absorbed improving the texture, hydration, elasticity and firmness of your skin – $99

Mango Enzyme Wrap – Enzymatic Exfoliation
Chocolate Truffle Wrap – Hydrating and Refining
Pear & Green Apple Wrap – Toning and Nourishing
Herbal Cellulite Wrap – Toning
Blueberry Slimming Wrap – Firming and Hydrating
Hungarian Mud Wrap – Muscle sore and fatigued this body treatment will deeply cleanse and balance all skin types.

Limited Edition – Pumpkin Cream Wrap – Exfoliating and Hydrating

Organic Massage

Organic Signature Massage

With the healing power of warm river stones and a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage tailored to your specific needs relax the muscles and melt away tension.

60 mins | $99      90mins | $139


Hot Stone Massage

Inspired by Native American traditions, the healing power of warm river stones and a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage tailored to your specific needs. Stones are placed on strategic areas of the body to penetrate aching muscles and to melt your tensions away. Hot stones relax the body at its deepest level to create harmony, positive energy flow and a sense of balance.

60 mins | $99        90mins | $139

Deep Tissue Massage

Using deep pressure, this massage realigns deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. The movements are much slower with more pressure applied to your muscles. This massage is perfect for those that are chronically tense and suffer from a stiff neck, lower back tightness and sore shoulders. The perfect massage for those who need that little bit of extra pressure.

60 mins | $89           90 mins | $129           120 mins | $169

Swedish Massage

Classic relaxation therapy using long, smooth strokes to reduce muscle tension and stress.

60 mins | $79           90 mins | $109           120 mins | $149

Prenatal Massage

Treat yourself to a luxurious maternity spa experience. Designed for the mom-to-be who could use a little bit of extra pampering. Completely tailored to your individual needs this massage increases circulation, alleviate tired muscles, improves skin elasticity and reduces water retention.

60 mins | $79     90 mins | $109

*There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

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