Why Organic?

Why Organic? 2020-08-30T11:30:22-04:00

Completely Natural and Organic

Bamboo Firming FluidAll of the organic spa treatments and services you receive from Organic Skin & Body Med Spa solely use product lines that are entirely organic and natural. We strive to give you the healthiest spa experience possible by promoting the benefits of organic skin care and excluding spa products that contain synthetic chemicals, parabens, and other unnatural compounds.

The natural skin care products we carry provide essential nutrients giving you healthy, glowing skin. We advocate the many benefits of organic skin care and let the incredible results speak for themselves. Through natural skin care, providing the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients allows you to look and feel younger as well as help repair skin damage. Our Body Treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin. Organic Skin & Body Med Spa corrective skin care services and organic spa treatments will generate noticeable results removing the need for surgery or harsh chemicals.

Red Currant Protective MoisturizerÉminence Organic Skin Care has been providing the spa and beauty industry with Organic alternatives to skin care since 1958. With the Organic market growing rapidly due to increasing consumer demand for food, cosmetic and nutritional products, it is becoming more important to look for proof of certification to ensure validity of Organic and Natural claims.

European certification is known to have the strictest guidelines and organic regulations worldwide. Éminence Organic Skin Care is certified Organic by Biokontroll, the main certification organization in Hungary where most of our potent and active ingredients are grown. Éminence is also certified by Demeter International which has been in use in Europe since 1928 and is still regarded as providing the highest standards for organic skin care products in the world. As a non-profit organization, their mission is to “improve the health of the planet and its people by providing certification of products whose ingredients are grown and processed according to the highest agricultural and environmental standards.” From farm to market, only those companies that consistently meet these standards will be certified by Demeter, and Éminence is counted as one of them.

Tropical Vanilla Body SunscreenCelebrating more than 50 years of organic practices is an achievement of which to be proud but creating products that are kind to the environment is even better. Éminence is committed to being the industry leader in keeping our planet green; since our inception in 1958, we have been using sustainable farming and green practices to create organic face and body products and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, from the harvest and production of products to how they are packaged and, finally, how they reach spa clients. We even enlist wind and solar power energy in the making of products, use recyclable packaging, vegetable-based inks in printing, FSC certified post-consumer recycled paper and our Beyond Organic skin care line is created with Biodynamic® farming practices. We think Mother Nature would be proud!

If you’ve been keeping track you will notice that Éminence Organic Skin Care holds certifications for several national and international organic certifying bodies. It is clear that they take our promise to you and the Earth seriously and use organic and natural ingredients in every single one of our amazing skin care products.

Coconut Firming Body LotionThe products available to purchase at Organic Skin & Body Med Spa are the same products used in our treatments. They are natural & organic and great care is taken in selecting new products. They must be chemical free, pure and of the highest quality.

Treat yourself to an award winning natural skin care line that delivers beautiful results using Organic fruits and plants bursting with juicy pulp, seeds, acids and herbs. Feel good about feeding your skin all natural products without harsh chemicals or parabens. Eminence Organic Skin Care addresses a variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance.